IBM Cognos TM1 code completion for Sublime Text editor

If you tied from absence of code completion for Cognos TM1, I have good news for you. Today I publish TM1SublimeCompletion package for Sublime 3 that can solve this problem.


Package contains completions for all TI, Rules, Worksheet and MDX function, global and local variables of IBM Cognos TM1 system. Here are the main features of package:

  • Covers TM1 versions from 10.1.0 up to 10.3.0 (Cognos Analitycs);
  • If function is valid in multiple places (for example in TI and Rule), but has different syntax, package will show you both variances.


This is just first version of it, so if you will find some mistakes – please let me know.


To install packages:

  1. Install some package for highlighting Cognos TM1 code in Sublime, I prefer to use these one hermie64/tm1-sublime
  2. Download Tm1SublimeCodeCompletion.sublime-completions file from git repository and put it in any place in package folder of Sublime
  3. You are ready, have fun!

More information you can find on GitHub page of this project.