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Cognos Cafe Error "InvalidMDXExpression ... (rte 390)"

Google does not return any good solution for this error, thats why I wrote the article

When user tries to update data in excel connected to Cognos TM1 with Cognos Cafe, system returns error – "InvalidMDXExpression: SELECT: ... (rte 390)".


In tm1server.log log file error looks like these (text after "SELECT:" translates something like "Could not build array of view"):


In my situation wrong security settings was the reason of this error. User who tries to reload data in Excel did not have all nesessary rights to requested data.

So if your will face the same error in your job I recommend you to start with checking if the error will disappear when user has Admin rights. If it happens you will need to check security setting of your model and correct inaccuracies.